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PWB Spotlight on Allison Iantosca: Championing Excellence in the Building Industry

In a male-dominated industry like construction, shining a light on the achievements of women is not just about breaking barriers but also about celebrating excellence. One such luminary in the field is Allison Iantosca, the CEO of F.H. Perry Builder and the recipient of the Woman in Residential Construction's Woman of the Year award in 2023.

historic remodel home with red barn

A Journey Rooted in Passion and Determination

Allison's impressive 25-year career in the building industry is a testament to her dedication and expertise. She started her career as a product selection coordinator, where her innate organizational skills and ability to connect with people quickly became evident. Despite not having a background in design or construction at the start, Allison's knack for understanding clients' needs and streamlining processes made her indispensable in her role.

As she immersed herself in the industry, Allison's role evolved from product selection coordinator to driving force behind F.H. Perry Builder’s success story. Her journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, the courage to follow her gut, and a willingness to embrace new challenges head-on.

From Product Selection to Leadership: Navigating Challenge

Allison Iantosca Headshot

Transitioning from a product selection manager to the CEO of a reputable firm like F.H. Perry Builder didn't come without its challenges. However, Allison's perseverance and commitment to leading with both head and heart paved the way for her success. Instead of focusing solely on breaking down barriers as a woman in the building industry, she championed emotional intelligence and empathy, creating a culture where everyone could thrive.

Allison's path to success in the building industry wasn't just a solo endeavor; her peers played a pivotal role in her growth and achievements. Throughout her career, she has been a part of several colleague groups across the country, fostering connections and camaraderie within the tight-knit community of builders. This sense of solidarity is powerful in the Boston market where she operates. Builders often reach out to each other for support during challenging times rather than viewing each other as competitors to be defeated. There is a prevailing spirit of collaboration and mutual assistance. This approach, characterized by a willingness to lend a helping hand and support one another, has been vital to Allison's career. It is this sense of community and shared purpose that not only enriches the industry but also contributes to its resilience and vitality.

It's also important to note that her father provided unwavering encouragement and guidance that proved instrumental in her professional growth. His confidence in her abilities empowered Allison to pursue her goals fearlessly—a testament to the importance of supportive mentors in fostering success.

F.H. Perry Builder: Where Excellence Meets Empathy

Allison leads a team of more than 20 individuals at F.H. Perry Builder. The team is devoted to upholding the company's values of excellence and empathy. They are not just a group of people working together; they are the foundation of the company's achievements. Their professionalism, dedication, and commitment to excellence drive every project's success.

"We're trying to create every day magical moments where each of us has an impact on someone else's life, and the project moves forward and is successful because of it." 

Allison Iantosca, CEO, F.H. Perry Builder

At F.H. Perry Builder, six core values define their approach to every project. They prioritize being Human, fostering individuality, creativity, and leadership, and empowering their team to excel. Their commitment to being Empathic ensures deep connections with clients and colleagues, while their Adaptable nature allows them to navigate change with agility and forward thinking. F.H. Perry Builder's pursuit of excellence is evident in its commitment to being Refined and delivering craftsmanship marked by elegance and taste. Being Transparent and honest are non-negotiable. The team also displays a Communicative culture, ensuring effective teamwork and the well-being of all involved. These values are the bedrock of F.H. Perry Builder's success in the construction industry.

Specializing in remodeling, F.H. Perry Builder operates predominantly in Boston, where it has established a strong presence and garnered a reputation for excellence. Its portfolio showcases various projects, from historic renovations in Beacon Hill and Back Bay to modern transformations in Weston and Wellesley. Despite operating in a competitive market, F.H. Perry Builder distinguishes itself through its collaborative approach, relying on close partnerships with designers and architects to bring clients' visions to life. 

Impressed by their empathetic and refined approach, one designer remarked, "You guys just know how to take care of the client from an empathic point of view, as well as from a sort of real refinement on processes and craft." This commitment to client satisfaction and attention to detail is just one of the reasons that F.H. Perry Builder has earned enduring client relationships and a reputation as a leader in the industry.

The HEART of the Building Industry

Book Cover Leading with HEART

Allison Iantosca has significantly impacted the construction industry, not just as a builder but also by instilling her company's values. F.H. Perry Builder believes that successful construction projects are about more than just structures; they are about people, relationships, and a commitment to excellence. This belief is deeply ingrained in the company's DNA.

Allison's book Leading with HEART is a collection of essays reflecting life, leadership, and the core values guiding her company. The acronym HEART derives from F.H. Perry's core values: Human, Empathic, Adaptable, Refined, and Transparent. These values define the approach F.H. Perry Builder brings to all they do.

The "HEART of the Industry" isn't just a metaphor for Allison Iantosca – it's a philosophy that breathes life into every project F.H. Perry Builder undertakes. Leaning on strong values, Allison and her team have revived homes and cultivated a company culture that embodies the essence of what construction should be – a collaborative, human-centric endeavor where the heartbeat of success resonates in every structure erected and every relationship forged.

"Allison Iantosca's wisdom, business expertise, writing skill, and human warmth make her an incredible resource for people looking for insights on…well…anything. Her perceptions are fresh and compelling. Her delivery is humble and authentic. Her ideas have broad application. Read this book." 

Erika Mosse, Director of Content, Professional Remodeler Magazine

Empowering Change in the Building Industry

The construction industry is evolving, and Allison Iantosca's journey sets an example of the transformative impact women can have in traditionally male-dominated fields. She emphasizes the value of diverse perspectives, effective communication, and emotional intelligence, underscoring the importance of an inclusive and supportive culture for long-term success. Her leadership inspires the next generation of women to enter and thrive in the industry.

At DO&Be Agency, we are not just a marketing agency specializing in the building industry; we are champions of the industry who believe deeply in the power of storytelling to inspire change. Allison Iantosca's story resonates with us profoundly, embodying the essence of what we stand for - passion, determination, and empathy. Her example reminds us of the transformative impact that each individual can have when they lead with their heart and forge their path with dedication.

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