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A PWB Profile of Erin J. Wriston: Building Success and Community with Kingston Homes

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Melissa Galland, Founder of DO&Be Agency, is a passionate champion of the building industry, and she recently had the pleasure of interviewing Erin J. Wriston, the woman behind Kingston Homes. Erin’s entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, and ability to create luxurious yet affordable homes made an impression we are eager to share.

A professional women in building profile on Erin Wriston from Kingston Homes


In the heart of Vancouver, Washington, an inspiring tale unfolds—a story of resilience, vision, and a commitment to building not just houses but dreams. Meet Erin J. Wriston, the driving force behind Kingston Homes, a woman whose journey through real estate and construction has transformed the landscape of attainable luxury homes in Clark County.

Erin's story begins far from the construction world in the serene town of Naples, Italy. Growing up in a Navy family, she experienced the thrill of moving to new locations across the globe. With each new city came a new house—a blank canvas where Erin and her family would pour their hearts into creating a home. These early experiences ignited a love for real estate within her.

Early on in her career, Erin's entrepreneurial spirit began to shine. Armed with a modest investment, she ventured into the world of home rentals. It was a risk, but Erin's financial acumen and determination made it successful. She demonstrated her ability to make things work and her knack for seizing opportunities.


Erin J Wriston and Kingston Homes GroundBreaking for the Parade of Homes
Erin in the dirt with her team for a groundbreaking.

For years, Erin, her husband, and other partners developed 100s of residential building lots to sell to local home builders. This stopped abruptly as the 2008 housing crisis hit the nation. This is when they took an unexpected turn and decided the best way to move lots was to build homes. Kingston Homes was born amid this challenge, and Erin took the helm. Although her expertise lay more in finances than in construction, Erin brought together the pieces that would go on to create what became a well-respected home-building business.

The real estate and construction world can be unpredictable, with economic tides rising and falling. Erin's financial prowess became the guiding star for Kingston Homes. She developed a conservative yet steadfast strategy that allowed the company to navigate market complexity. Regardless of what the economy threw their way, Kingston Homes continued to create dream homes.

Kingston Homes became a symbol of attainable luxury. Erin and her team build approximately 40 homes each year across Clark County, always with quality in mind. They made the dream of owning a luxurious home a reality for countless families.


But for Erin, it was never just about bricks and mortar. She had a personal connection to every Kingston Homes project. Long before the first brick was laid, she would envision families pulling into driveways and children riding their bikes in the community they were creating. It wasn't just construction; it was about crafting the foundation of cherished memories.

One of Kingston Homes' hallmarks is its commitment to customer satisfaction. Erin's influence was evident in their approach—listening to customers, being flexible, and delivering unwavering quality. Happy homeowners became the living testament to their success.

Erin's pursuit of perfection was evident in every Kingston Homes project. Construction, by its nature, is an imperfect craft, but Erin's team went the extra mile to ensure excellence. There is no blue tape on the walls when a customer goes on a final walkthrough. Kingston Homes strives to perfect every corner before the homeowner arrives.


Women in Construction Smiling and Holding Plans
Erin & Anita on a jobsite.

Despite her success, Erin has remained humble. She attributes their success to her exceptional team, recognizing their role in delivering an excellent customer experience. Erin's humility was as inspiring as her accomplishments in a male-dominated industry.

Kingston Homes may be a small, local operation, but it boasts a diverse team of 11 individuals. Erin spoke highly of her team members, mentioning Anita, their job superintendent for their Parade of Homes house. She often called Anita "the test driver on perfect lines." Erin actively advocated for more women on job sites and played a founding role in the Professional Women in Building Council for the Clark County BIA.

Kingston Homes doesn't just have happy customers; they have loyal, long-term team members and trade partners. Their enduring relationships with the same plumber and electrician for over a decade speak volumes about the trust they have built.


Kingston Homes Senior Leadership Team

Leaders like Erin J. Wriston are working to change the narrative in a building industry where only 11% are women. We asked Erin for advice for women aspiring to follow in her footsteps, and her response was simple yet profound:

"Trust in your team. It's your team that makes success in the building industry possible."

Erin J. Wriston's journey with Kingston Homes is more than just a story; it's a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Her story serves as an inspiration not only for women in the building industry but for anyone striving to turn dreams into reality.

Celebrating Erin and Kingston Homes, we envision a future where the industry becomes more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming, thanks to trailblazers like her.

Professional Women in Building Champions

DO&Be Agency is a full-service marketing agency passionate about the building industry. We consider it our privilege to celebrate and support women working in the industry we love. If you are dreaming of a career in the building industry, please consider our top recommendations.

  • Learn the language: The building industry uses a lot of acronyms and unique terms that can be a roadblock for the unprepared. Communicating correctly will ensure professional growth while saving time and money.

  • Don't stand on the sidelines: Each build creates new learning experiences, and no one has all the answers. You may not always get it right the first time, but jumping in and solving problems as they arise is necessary for construction success.

  • Become part of the community: Joining industry groups such as your local branch of the National Association of Homebuilding and join a local PWB Council.

  • Ask for support: From scholarship funds and mentorship programs to various programs that support women making the leap into careers in construction, including our free and discounted marketing services for new women-owned construction businesses.


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