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Meet Meghan Billings of MEG Construction

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

MEG Construction a Women-Owned Custom Home Builder

When launching DO&Be, I thought that not only would this be a full-service marketing & advertising agency that specializes in the building industry but also a megaphone for women who work in construction. As it turns out, starting a business keeps you busy, and that idea can start collecting dust on a shelf.

Then, I met Meghan Billings of Meg Construction in Twin Falls, Idaho, and I was inspired to do and be better. Our meeting was brief in the hall after a National Professional Women in Building Council meeting. I almost immediately shoved my business card at her and told her I wanted to write about her.

Luckily my eagerness didn't overwhelm her, and recently, Meghan took a break from her busy construction schedule to have a Zoom call with me. We talked about our love for the building industry, family, and her growing company.

Before I get into some of the fascinating things I took from our conversation, I want to showcase a few photos so you can see some of the reasons I am so impressed by Meghan and her team.

The Story of MEG Construction

Now, let's talk about Meghan Billings.

Curious about how this mother of four with a manufacturing and engineering background decided to start a custom home-building company, I asked.

Meghan shared with me that her passion started in college with some of the architecture courses required for her major, but it was reignited when she and her husband decided to build a custom home. She designed the floor plan, and her relationship with the builder allowed her to play an active role in construction.

Invigorated by the experience, she wanted more. Shortly after moving into her new home Meghan became a Certified Master Builder, built a spec home, and kept going. Now she has MEG Construction, a design studio, a stunning portfolio, and a team of five that is still growing.

MEG Construction has grown at an impressive pace, but when asked what sets them apart, Meghan complimented the quality of work performed by her competitors. When pressed, she shared that their client experience may be their most significant differentiator.

"There are a lot of great builders out there. If I had to pick one thing, I would say it's our focus on the client experience and transparent processes." —Meghan Billings

Even though women represent only approximately 10% of the home building industry, what makes MEG Construction unique, isn't that it's woman-owned. From providing regular updates (even when there is nothing new or good to report) to leveraging technology such as the client portal available through BuilderTrend, the team at MEG Construction is passionate about transparent processes and communication.

Being a Woman in Construction

Transitioning into homebuilding as a second career isn't easy for anyone, but I was curious about what it was like for a woman and a mother of four school-aged children.

"The men we have worked with have been very encouraging and supportive, but that may relate to how we treat them. We communicate clearly, do the research, and jump in when needed." — Meghan Billings

In Twin Falls County, the men have been very encouraging and supportive of MEG Construction. Part of that support comes from the energy and excitement they bring to every project, but also the work done in advance and their willingness to jump in to solve a problem.

Aside from regularly being confused for the realtor, Meghan shared that one of the biggest struggles she faced starting a construction company came from Mom Guilt. This feeling that comes from the unrealistic "perfect mom" ideal is something that every mother is familiar with, regardless of what path they choose.

Juggling complex construction schedules and motherhood is no small feat, but we are so proud of the example being set by this work ethic! If you haven't seen this inspirational video MEG Construction posted during #WomeninConstruction week, please take one minute to see that example in action.

Advice on Starting a Career in Construction

After talking with Meghan, I put together this list of advice for women (or anyone) considering starting a career in construction.

  • Learn the language: The building industry uses a lot of acronyms and unique terms that can be a roadblock for the unprepared. Communicating correctly will ensure professional growth while saving time and money.

  • Don't stand on the sidelines: Each build creates new learning experiences, and no one has all the answers. You may not always get it right the first time, but jumping in and solving problems as they arise is necessary for construction success.

  • Become part of the community: Joining industry groups such as your local branch of the National Association of Homebuilding can be a great resource for those just starting out.

Building Beautiful Homes

If you live in (or are considering relocating to) the Twin Falls area, please check out MEG Construction. They build completely custom homes up to 12,000 square feet and will work with you to ensure your design is beautiful and packed with intelligent features. I also hear they are hiring, so if a career in construction or the trades is more up your alley, they might be a good fit for that too.

Support Women in Construction

Over the years, the industry has seen a lot of progress in its diversity goals, making it easier for companies like MEG Construction to exist and thrive, but there is still more to do. Some ideas of things you can do to support and encourage more women working in the construction industry are listed below.

  • Cheer them on: You can follow MEG Construction on social media.

  • Inspire them early: Buy and share books where women are represented—if you don't have children, you can donate them to schools or libraries.

  • Be an Ambassador: The House That She Built is more than a children's book, it's a movement, and anyone can become an Ambassador.

  • Join the club: Even though it's a council and not a club, your PWB membership dues support women in the industry, and all genders are encouraged to join at the national and local levels.

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