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Home Builder Marketing Education: Digital Marketing Strategies for Success

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

The 2023 Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit

Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit 2023 DO&Be Agency Public Speaking

At DO&Be Agency, we are delighted to share valuable insights and updates about the 2023 Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit - an event designed to improve how new home builders embrace digital marketing and adapt to the evolving home buyer journey. This annual summit features a presentation by Melissa Galland, DO&Be Agency founder, and brings together industry leaders, marketing professionals, and online sales counselors (OSCs) for an engaging and enriching experience.

The Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit has a clear mission - empowering builders through impactful digital marketing. Greg Bray, the summit's founder and president of Blue Tangerine, emphasizes the importance of digital tools, stating, "A lot of builders are still not comfortable with the digital marketing space - they don’t see the value in online and their websites - we just want to help get that education out there to help them grow their business."

Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit with Greg Bray and Home Building Marketing Leaders

The Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit attracts an array of builders, from large production builders to small custom home builders. Regardless of their scale, home builders recognize the significance of digital marketing in driving growth and success. Greg affirms that the summit is designed for anyone who seeks to grow professionally within the homebuilding industry. The diverse mix of attendees - from entry-level marketers to experienced Marketing VPs - creates a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere, fostering an exchange of ideas and experiences.

The Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit is focused on enriching participants' digital marketing expertise, dispelling misconceptions about online platforms, and equipping home builder marketing professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge to flourish in today's competitive digital landscape. Through a carefully curated program of interactive sessions, expert presentations, and collaborative networking opportunities, the summit empowers attendees to implement highly effective marketing strategies that yield tangible and measurable results. The summit's ultimate mission is to enable participants to embrace the full potential of digital marketing and harness it as a powerful tool for growth in the building industry.

Evolution of The Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit

The Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit's journey has been one of growth and evolution. Since its inception in 2019, the event has made significant strides in shaping the landscape of marketing-focused training for the building industry. Blue Tangerine's vision of creating a space exclusively dedicated to marketing education has resonated with homebuilder marketing leaders, prompting increased attendance and participation over the years.

A key factor contributing to the summit's success is the unwavering support and partnership of Blue Tangerine and Outhouse, an esteemed sponsor since the beginning of The Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit. Blue Tangerine specializes in digital marketing and website development, recognizing the importance of great content in improving marketing results. This recognition makes Outhouse an outstanding partner, as the content produced by their team adds immense value to the summit.

Through the commitment and passion of Blue Tangerine and Outhouse, The Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit continues to evolve and flourish. They are two organizations driven by a commitment to empowering home builders with cutting-edge marketing knowledge and strategies. As the summit moves forward, it remains dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment that inspires growth and innovation within the building industry.

The 2023 Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit

Set against the backdrop of Denver's historic downtown neighborhood, the Thompson Denver will play host to the 2023 Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit, promising to be the best one yet. The two-day educational event on October 18-19 features a carefully curated program with two learning tracks - Marketing and the groundbreaking OSC track - in partnership with Blue Gypsy, Inc.

The Marketing track is tailored for home builder leadership and marketing professionals. Participants will explore the latest trends, tools, and tactics to enhance their brand's online presence, generate high-quality leads, and optimize customer engagement. Expert-led sessions and interactive workshops provide practical knowledge that attendees can apply to their marketing strategies, ensuring impactful and data-driven campaigns that drive growth and customer loyalty.

Top 5 Objectives of Marketing Track:

  1. Fun and Networking: Enjoy a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere while expanding your professional network within the home building industry.

  2. Digital Marketing Expertise: Deepen your knowledge about digital marketing strategies tailored for home builders.

  3. Vendor Insights: Gain valuable insights into industry vendors' support and tools to enhance your marketing efforts.

  4. Actionable Takeaways: Leave with practical strategies and ideas to immediately improve your marketing results.

  5. Building Lasting Connections: Forge valuable partnerships and relationships that extend beyond the summit.

The OSC Track: An Exciting Addition

The 2023 Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit will feature an exciting addition to the program - a dedicated OSC track. This track highlights the vital role of Online Sales Counselors (OSCs) as they bridge the gap between sales and marketing departments. Greg recognizes the significance of this track in emphasizing the importance of OSCs, who sometimes get lost in the organizational structure. Partnering with Leah Fellows, Founder of Blue Gypsy, Inc., the summit aims to empower OSCs with the knowledge and tools for successful lead conversions.

Led by Leah, National Speaker and Online Sales Trainer, with support from Heidi Schroeder, Senior Home Building Consultant for Lasso, the OSC track brings over 25 years of combined experience working with and as OSCs. Attendees will gain comprehensive insights into the OSC role, management, day-to-day operations, and the skills needed for success. Whether newcomers or veterans, builders will learn strategies to improve lead conversions and optimize marketing-sales synergy.

Leah’s and Heidi’s dynamic content will create an engaging, informative, and interactive OSC track. The intimate setting allows for in-depth discussions, personalized learning, and the ability to address attendees' unique challenges. Together, they will equip OSCs with practical skills and strategies to excel in their roles, driving exceptional marketing and sales performance for builders.

Top 5 Objectives of the OSC Track:

  1. Engaging and Enjoyable Learning: We believe in having fun while learning!

  2. Strengthening Online Sales Programs: Gain insights and techniques to build a robust online sales program with measurable metrics and efficient tools, optimizing lead management for improved outcomes.

  3. Empowering OSCs for Success: Revitalize existing online sales programs to prioritize the value of people and enhance lead optimization, fostering a supportive environment where OSCs can thrive.

  4. Elevating Customer Experience: Create a customer journey that outshines competitors, improving conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

  5. Synergizing Marketing and OSCs: Collaborate with marketing teams to create clear messaging and implement effective lead generation strategies, aligning marketing efforts with OSC insights for maximum impact.

DO&Be Agency Featured Presentation

We are delighted to announce that Melissa Galland, DO&Be Agency founder, will be a featured presenter at The Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit.

home builder digital marketing summit speaker melissa galland from do&be agency registration code

In her presentation, "Empower your Digital Marketing Strategy with Proven Tools," Melissa will leverage her extensive expertise gained from working in-house for builders and consulting with a diverse range of builders nationwide. Her talk will cover essential topics such as tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), crafting effective annual marketing plans, and implementing strategies that resonate with target audiences and internal goals.

To best support the needs of all those in attendance, Melissa encourages active engagement and invites attendees to share their questions in advance. Feel free to contact us at DO&Be Agency with any specific topics or challenges you'd like addressed during her presentation. Your input will contribute to an even more personalized and valuable experience for all.

Melissa's primary objective is to equip in-house homebuilder marketing professionals with the vital support and tools needed to achieve their fullest potential. Drawing from her own professional journey, she possesses insight into the unique challenges faced by marketers in the building industry. Participants can look forward to gaining practical takeaways that can be readily implemented in their marketing efforts.

Join Us to Elevate Your Digital Marketing Strategies

As part of DO&Be Agency's commitment to "do and be better," we are thrilled to have our founder, Melissa Galland, share her expertise in her featured presentation. Please join us at The Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit to unlock the full potential of your digital marketing efforts!

At The Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit, you can connect with industry leaders and discover new opportunities to excel in your marketing endeavors. Let's build better brands together! Contact DO&Be Agency for more information, or register with our exclusive discount code.


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