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Empowering Women in Construction: Uniting, Learning, and Celebrating at the WIR+CC Conference

Memories from the 2022 WIRC Conference

Transformative Event Filled with Connections, Growth, and Celebration in Vibrant Nashville, Tennessee

As a woman with over two decades of experience in the building industry, I have come to cherish the opportunities that empower and celebrate women in construction. In my pursuit of personal and professional growth, I have discovered an event that perfectly encapsulates the essence of progress, learning, and camaraderie within the industry. The Women in Residential+Commercial Construction Conference (WIR+CC) is a transformative gathering that unites women from diverse sectors, fosters knowledge-sharing, and facilitates lasting connections. With its upcoming edition scheduled for October 25-27 in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee, this conference promises to be a memorable experience for all attendees.

What sets the Women in Residential+Commercial Construction Conference apart is its collaboration between two influential industry events: Pro Builder and Pro Remodeler's Women in Residential Construction Conference, and Building Design+Construction’s Women in Design+Construction Conference. This merger reflects a shared vision to create the most impactful event for women in the design and construction realm. By combining the strengths and expertise of both conferences, the WIR+CC amplifies its capacity to inspire, educate, and empower women in the field.

At the WIR+CC, attendees can expect an immersive three-day experience filled with a wide array of activities designed to enrich their professional and personal lives. From enlightening keynote presentations and interactive workshops to engaging roundtable sessions and panel discussions, the conference offers a holistic approach to learning. These diverse formats ensure that participants benefit from a range of perspectives, drawing insights from leaders in home building, remodeling, commercial development, and architecture.

With over 300 women from various construction sectors attending, the WIR+CC creates a vibrant platform for networking and forging valuable connections. By bringing together professionals from residential and commercial domains, the conference allows attendees to explore the best of both worlds. The event provides designated tracks for residential and commercial focus areas, enabling participants to tailor their experience and dive deep into topics that resonate with their interests and expertise.

As the conference unfolds in Nashville, the renowned "Music City," attendees can expect not only intellectual nourishment but also a vibrant atmosphere of celebration and enjoyment. The city's rich cultural heritage, legendary music scene, and warm hospitality serve as a fitting backdrop for forging lasting friendships and unwinding after days filled with enriching sessions. The Women in Residential+Commercial Construction Conference offers the perfect blend of professional growth and personal rejuvenation.

My Top 5 Presentations for the 2023 Women in Residential+Commercial Construction Conference:

As an individual with a deep-rooted passion for the construction industry and a commitment to personal and professional growth, I am thrilled to share my excitement about my top 5 most anticipated presentations at the Women in Residential+Commercial Construction Conference. Each presentation holds a unique significance for me and aligns with my aspirations as a business owner and advocate for affordable housing.

  1. Identifying Leadership Blindspots Speaker: Kara Noonan, Head of Sales @Dale Carnegie for TN, GA & FL Overview: Discover the crucial leadership attributes for organizational performance and identify blind spots that may hinder your effectiveness as a leader.

  2. Building Success with EOS™—Focus on What Matters to Get More Done Presenter: Kimberly Mackey, Founder @New Homes Solutions Consulting, LLC Overview: Learn how to break free from reactive problem-solving and achieve more by implementing clear roles, accountability, and the six key components of EOS™.

  3. Farm at Penny Lane: Affordable Housing and Mental Health Panelists: Rebecca McAdoo, Emily Bosman, and Alaina Money-Garman Overview: Explore an innovative collaboration addressing the intersection of affordable housing and mental health, focusing on the Farm at Penny Lane project.

  4. Growth Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone Presenter: Leah Fellows, Founder/President @Blue Gypsy, Inc. Overview: Gain insights from Leah's personal journey of stepping outside her comfort zone, and learn how embracing discomfort can lead to personal and professional growth.

  5. Leadership Development — Decrease Consumption, Increase Impact Presenter: Abbie Mirata, Sr. Director/Intrapreneur @Offerpad Overview: Discover actionable steps to enhance leadership development by focusing on taking meaningful action rather than passive consumption of resources.

These top 5 presentations encompass topics that deeply resonate with me as a business owner, advocate for affordable housing, and an individual committed to personal growth. I eagerly look forward to attending the Women in Residential+Commercial Construction Conference and immersing myself in these transformative sessions.

Announcing a Presentation All About Unlocking Profitability through Organizational Culture

Additionally, I am thrilled to announce that I will be presenting at the conference as part of a distinguished panel of women in the building industry. Our presentation, titled "Your Culture and Its Influence on Your Profitability," is an incredible opportunity, and I am deeply honored to have been selected by the committee.

Joining me on the panel are Dawn Dantzler, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience at Tilson Homes, and Heidi Schroeder, Senior Consultant at Lasso, ECI Software Solutions. Drawing from our extensive experience as both in-house leaders and consultants in the home building industry, we will guide attendees through the entire homebuilding journey, offering actionable insights to enhance internal culture, improve customer experience, and drive greater profit margins.

We will provide attendees with a printed checklist and supporting collateral, empowering them to implement our recommendations effectively. Additionally, our focus will be on aligning mission and values across all departments, touching on crucial aspects such as brand audits, internal communications strategies, journey mapping techniques, and proven customer experience modifications. Through real-life examples and practical tools, we aim to inspire attendees to transform their organizations and achieve greater success in customer experience, employee retention, recruitment efforts, and profitability.

Build the Future: Embrace Empowerment and Connections at the WIR+CC Conference!

Calling all women who have dedicated their careers to the building industry! Get ready to embark on an incredible journey at the Women in Residential+Commercial Construction Conference. As someone who has personally experienced the fulfilling moments, invaluable knowledge, and lifelong friendships fostered at this conference, I wholeheartedly invite you to join us. This extraordinary event provides a unique platform to connect with like-minded professionals, gain valuable insights from industry leaders, and expand your horizons in both residential and commercial construction. Let's come together, embrace the power of this transformative event, and shape the future of women in the design and construction industry. We can't wait to welcome you in vibrant Nashville this October for an unforgettable experience!

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