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Meet Tami Ostmark of Hamlet Homes

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

I briefly met Tami at the Women in Residential Construction (or WIRC) conference last fall and instantly felt a connection that made me wish we had met earlier. Aside from the fact we were both passionate about the construction industry, I couldn't tell you why I felt connected to Tami, but it was there. Thankfully through social media, I have continued to learn more about what makes Tami an inspirational woman in the industry!

Voyage Utah recently did this profile on Tami that I would love for you to read, but in case you don't, I shared my favorite quote, and I will list a few of my favorite highlights below.

  • She met her husband in junior high (or middle school, as we call it in the Pacific Northwest)—this was important to me mainly because I met Chris in high school.

  • She put her career on pause for her family—many women do this either out of budgetary necessity or a strong desire to be more present in our fleeting years as a parent.

  • She grew that role into an executive leader and owner of Hamlet Homes—I know many women who feared their career was over when they made the difficult choice to prioritize family; heck, I was one of them!

Thank you, Tami, for sharing your story with Voyage Utah and us!

How You Can Support Women in Construction

We have a few ideas below if you read this and would like to support growth opportunities for women in the construction industry.

  • Join the Professional Women in Building (PWB)—all genders are welcome. As an NAHB council, the PWB serves as the voice of women in the industry.

  • Have your company sponsor a PWB event or chapter—connect with your local HBA or BIA for ideas on how.

  • Become an Ambassador for The House That She Built movement—there is no cost to register, and as an Ambassador, you will get ideas on how to make an impact in various ways.

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