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Introducing DO&Be — Our Why

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Launching DO&Be . . . during a possible recession.

With the start of 2023, we officially announced the launch of DO&Be, a full-service marketing and revenue growth agency. On the verge of a possible recession may seem like a strange time to start a new business, but it makes perfect sense to us.

introducing do and be full service marketing agency

The changing market is real and personally impacted our founder. Witnessing the effects of the evolving economy on several small businesses across the United States, the need for a different kind of agency was undeniable.

When the economy is good, growth is easy. When the market is facing unique challenges, businesses require innovative strategies, consistent quality, and collaboration with specialized experts to drive meaningful results.

Often, when there is a decline in the economy, large organizations can increase their marketing budgets to maximize results. At the same time, many privately-owned companies are forced to make deep cuts that ultimately impact their ability to thrive.

Our team is fueled by a desire to help others DO&Be better.

do and be founder melissa galland
"I have worked with organizations of every shape and size, with everything from seemingly unlimited to shoestring marketing budgets. Fundamentally, I believe everyone deserves a brand that works as hard as they do."

Melissa Galland, Founder of DO&Be

Recent experiences and the belief that everyone deserves a brand that works as hard as they do was the spark that revived our dream of a different kind of agency and ultimately brought DO&Be to life! We are blending our in-house and consulting experience with our knack for finding innovative solutions to make an impact when and where it's needed most.

Our Top 5 List

Five ways DO&Be will support "better" in 2023 (despite the economy).

  1. Years of Experience—We have a team of talented people who think outside the box and have well over a decade of professional experience each—this is not our first downturn.

  2. Versatility—We are an agile team prepared to offer a wide range of services, from traditional marketing and design to optimizing strategies and processes that help improve overall performance.

  3. Big Picture Thinking—We look at your brand as a whole to ensure we make recommendations that will increase leads without losing focus on the results that support your organizational goals.

  4. Openness—We recognize that a long-term agency partnership isn't always an option. Because of that, we educate, offer transparent policies and communication, and create plans that empower our partners.

  5. Commitment to Community—Giving back to the community inspires and motivates us. While we give back in various ways, we are proudest of our program supporting women-owned construction industry businesses.

do and be marketing team

A few things set our team apart.

  • Our team has worked together in one way or another for over a decade despite being a new company.

  • We have more than seventy years of combined professional experience on our team, plus a broad network of trusted and long-standing freelance partners.

  • Our team includes an award-winning graphic designer and multiple writers published in national publications.

  • Our experience includes in-house leadership in marketing and collaborative partnerships with executive teams, HR, product development, customer care, and operations.

  • We are 100% committed to helping our partners DO&Be better through innovative strategies that drive meaningful results.

  • We stay on top of the trends with ongoing education, including certifications from Forrester, HubSpot, and Google (to name a few)!

  • We love, love, love what we do!

We are full of love and gratitude.

We appreciate you taking a moment to get to know more about DO&Be. We are eager to learn more about you and encourage you to connect with us through our website or your favorite social media channel (LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram).

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