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Home Builder Marketing & CX Technology Tool: NoviHome

A DO&Be Agency Marketing Tech Tool Review

NoviHome Home Builder Marketing & CX App Review by DO&Be Agency

Revolutionizing the Home Buying Experience

In this rapidly evolving digital age, customer expectations are urging a transformation of the home shopping process. NoviHome, a company specializing in technology that supports the Home Buyer Experience (HBX), is at the forefront of this long overdue experience revolution. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Haley Naebig, the Director of Sales at NoviHome, a vibrant world traveler and a recognized rising star in the homebuilding industry.

During our interview, Haley shared her passion for NoviHome and its mission to create an immersive experience that engages home buyers at every stage of their journey. "NoviHome is not just about showcasing homes," Haley explained, "It's about fostering an emotional connection with home buyers, making them feel like an integral part of the journey to create their dream home—from initial interest to the final purchase and beyond."

As we delved deeper into NoviHome, it became clear that the company's custom app is a homebuilding game-changer and offers a comprehensive 360° view of the builder's brand. The app includes everything from company details to the home builder marketing materials, community insights, floor plans, and real-time progress updates.

Data-Driven & Customer-Centric New Home Sales Strategies

NoviHome's data-driven approach enables sales teams to track buyer activity and gain valuable insights into their preferences. This data empowers sales teams to deliver a tailored experience that significantly improves the likelihood of converting potential buyers into homeowners. The power of advanced tracking takes this personalization even further, allowing builders to target specific groups of buyers based on their interests and engage with them directly.

As a former award-winning online sales counselor for a homebuilder, Haley knows the value of this type of communication. As she reminisced on her experience, she talked about the impact on new home sales, "Imagine being able to send relevant notifications to a group of buyers interested in a specific floor plan or community. NoviHome's capabilities are a game-changer for home builders seeking to elevate their sales process."

"While websites might drive traffic to model homes," Haley highlighted, "NoviHome provides data and insights that take it a step further, supporting the conversion of that traffic into actual buyers through its immersive digital experience."

Personalize Your Marketing and Empower Your Customers

Our founder, Melissa Galland, said the conversation with Haley resonated deeply. Melissa's background in working for home builders as a marketer and her passion for the "whole brand experience" gave her a unique appreciation for the value NoviHome can bring to new home sales and marketing. She emphasized how leveraging tools like NoviHome is the way of the future for home builder marketing strategies.

"Personalization and a focus on customer experience is vital to modern marketing," Melissa explained. "Staying focused on creating meaningful connections with customers, understanding their preferences, and providing personalized recommendations is a must."

NoviHome offers an integration of a digital design center into the buyer's journey. By enabling buyers to explore customization options right from their phones, the platform puts the creation of dream homes directly at their fingertips, empowering them to be active participants in the design process.

"As markers for home builders, our mission is more than simply driving lead volume. We need to captivate customers and make them truly fall in love with the homes," Melissa explained. "Products like NoviHome, that provide customer engagement and empowerment on matters they deeply care about, help us in that mission and are bound to deliver long-lasting value."

Customer Experience Extends Beyond the Sale

Even after the sale, NoviHome continues to engage with buyers, providing access to progress photos, videos, and an easy gateway to the warranty process. This ongoing connection with buyers creates a powerful, organic growth channel through word-of-mouth referrals, amplifying the positive experiences shared by satisfied homeowners.

From initial browsing to post-purchase engagements, NoviHome promises a high-end digital experience at every step of the home-buying journey. Haley Naebig asserted, "NoviHome is a comprehensive platform that revolutionizes the entire home buying experience."

The Home Builder Marketing Challenge

We challenge our builder partners to search for the tools that will help them build meaningful connections, foster emotional bonds, and ultimately lead to turning dreams into reality for home buyers. We believe that, like Haley and Melissa after a Dr. Pepper Zero, you'll find yourself energized by the boundless possibilities that customer-centric tools offer for the future of home builder marketing.

To learn more about NoviHome or other homebuilder technology tools, reach out to the team at DO&Be Agency. Passionate about results-driven marketing and customer experience, they can guide you in finding the perfect fit for your new home sales and marketing needs.


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