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Reputation & the New Era Marketing

With increased competition, extended buyer cycle times, and a new generation of consumers, we are entering a new marketing era, and reputation is playing a leading role in your overall brand growth strategy. Yes, we used the words era and reputation in one sentence. We wanted to write this blog post without mentioning Taylor Swift but discovered that wasn't possible.

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Reputation & Brand Strategy for 2023

Inspired by Taylor Swift

We can almost hear her singing about your brand reputation right now. We hope you can forgive us, but as someone who recently purchased tickets for Eras Tour for my teenager, I can confirm that the T-Swift team has their reputation and customer experience front and center in their brand strategy.

We want to walk you through our experience to showcase the value of a well-rounded brand strategy.

  • With unique content produced for each platform (social media, television, radio, and blogs), they announced the Eras Tour. The world was a flutter, and everyone knew about it, even people who might not consider themselves fans.

  • Similar to how homebuilders might launch a new community, they created an interest list requiring fans to become “verified” to have the chance to purchase tickets.

  • Even with staggered and limited purchasing opportunities, the internet nearly broke on the first day tickets were available online. Many people spent multiple hours waiting to get tickets, and many more invested equal time without obtaining tickets. The process created a lot of frustration for everyone involved.

  • While nobody could have predicted the chaos that broke out when tickets were released, Taylor Swift and her team quickly apologized and owned their role in the broken process.

  • The apology wasn’t enough for some, but thousands of her biggest fans quickly jumped to defend the songstress.

  • Luckily, we were able to purchase tickets. After purchase and until the tickets arrived, we received multiple communications about the process and what to expect.

  • The tickets could have been delivered via email or on plain white paper, and we would have been thrilled. Instead, they came in a box filled with star confetti creating a moment of teenage delight in a fairly stoic kiddo.

  • Before the concert, additional emails were sent to ensure our concertgoer was prepared for a wonderful experience.

Applying Taylor Swift Strategies to Your Business

This example is relevant to pop stars and something that all businesses should consider. To sum it up in simple terms, every company should focus on a few key areas when rolling out a new offering or dealing with backlash from an unhappy customer.

  • Content & Communication Strategy

  • Brand Monitoring

  • Review Generation Strategy

  • Comment Response Plan

After decades of working with building industry leaders across the country, the team at DO&Be has developed a package designed to Uplift Your Brand in times of promotion or crisis response. Please connect with us to learn more.

Join the Conversation

Along with Brad Haubert, home building consultant, I will cover brand reputation and online trolls on the May 4th “Welcome to Homebuilding Webinar.” We encourage you to join the conversation and attend the live event; click here for registration details.


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