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Builder MarTech Review: Anewgo

Searching for Home Builder Engagement Opportunities

One of our primary jobs as marketers is to create compelling content that attracts, engages, and delights customers. Sometimes we can accomplish that goal by crafting an informative blog post or adding beautiful images to social media channels, but keeping a buyer engaged in a competitive market isn’t an easy task.

Review of Builder Marketing Technology Tools from Anewgo

In our search for tools new home sales and marketing leaders can use to increase sales conversions, we met with the team at Anewgo to learn more about what they offer to support homebuilder marketing efforts.

Many savvy new home builder marketing leaders are leveraging the tools offered by Anewgo to attract top-of-the-funnel leads and create opportunities for online engagement that nurture and increase conversion rates. We all know more online engagement is helpful to the conversion process. With the addition of pricing and “buy now” options, the tools have evolved into opportunities for improved sales enablement and revenue generation.

Home Buyer Lead Engagement

In a crowded marketplace, each builder faces the challenge of getting buyers to fall in love with the homes they build. Buyers can quickly bounce to the next website without engaging content on your website.

At DO&Be, we advocate for a robust inbound marketing strategy that blends educational content and beautiful photos. We recognize that increased time online improves the likelihood of converting a sales-qualified lead or SQL. Some of our builder partners are leveraging the tools offered by Anewgo to do just that. According to that data pulled from builders across the country, the average buyer will spend about sixteen minutes engaging with the interactive tools on the MyHome App.

“When builders invest in engaging tools and visualization products that give more information to home shoppers, it helps build buyer confidence in new construction and that individual builder.” Sarah Williams, Anewgo.

Anewgo offers builders a variety of a la carte interactive tools ranging from asset development, such as renderings, community maps, digital brochures, and videos, to more complex apps for your website that allows new home shoppers to customize their interior design, plan layout, and even exterior elevations. What we like the best about our research into Anewgo is their focus on the buyer experience.

Online Engagement for Home Builders

Top 5 Benefits of Anewgo

  1. Engage the casual browser

  2. Keep people on the website longer

  3. Increase opportunities for conversion

  4. Collect consumer data

  5. Save the sales team time

Builder Marketing Technology Planning & Implementation

Reviewing all of the marketing technology (or MarTech) options can be overwhelming. DO&Be Agency has helped builders across the country develop impactful brand strategies. We would consider it a privilege to assist you as you consider adding marketing technology to your marketing plan.

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