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Gratitude During a Global Pandemic

We are approaching the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 in the United States. We all have felt the impact in a variety of ways. Even with nearly a year of practice and vaccinations becoming more widely available, there is still a great deal of uncertainty resulting in record-high reports of anxiety and depression.

Have you ever wondered...

What If The Pandemic Happened in the '90s?

Nothing is easy when looking at 2020 or the impacts of the global pandemic. Advancements in technology did make dealing with the impacts a little less stressful for most of us.

Of course, that list isn't even near complete! Seriously. Can you imagine a government shutdown without a smart phone or online shopping? I can't!

I am going to challenge everyone I know to think of at least 5 things that went well in 2020. Make a list, have a moment of gratitude, and celebrate!

Personal Top 5 of 2020

1. Finding More Family Time

I have been fortunate throughout my career to hold positions that allowed me to volunteer at my kid's school and participate in the PTSA. I didn't realize until the government shutdown how disconnected I was from my family. With a new awareness, we have been able to focus on keeping the connection alive even after returning to the office.

grateful for family time and card games

We have found that conversations with a 17-year old go even better with the distraction of a game of Rummy.

2. Getting Back to Giving Back

Volunteering and helping others has always fueled me. Despite the rewards, for many years, my busy schedule has been a bit of a road block in finding the time to do more. Looking for a way to impact the world during these challenging times making the time to give back became essential to survival.

grateful for being able to do something to make a difference and friends who are willing to join in

Feeling exceptionally blessed for my friends who were willing to don a mask and join in.

3. Bringing Home the Bronze

In 2020, Adair Homes applied for and received a National Home Quality Award. The application process alone was daunting, but our team worked together to complete it. Shortly after returning to the office, it was announced that we were a finalist. Navigating this already difficult process in these unique times was a feat in itself and made the recognition even sweeter.

4. Connecting From Afar

With a diverse and scattered family, it's been a struggle to have quality cousin time. Thanks to Zoom and more time at home due to the pandemic, we were able to host a several hour-long video chat with cousins from two countries and three different states.

This was only my second conversation with my cousin Emma who lives in Sweden.

5. Forming Deeper Connections

Despite being married for more than half my life, my husband and I have always had a bit of a long-distance relationship. If you asked us a year ago how we would hold up spending so many consecutive days together you might get a nervous chuckle as a response. It feels good to know that we were able to spend so much time together and still agree that we both like and love each other.

5.5 Deeper Connections Continued

The "Covid Bubble" allowed deeper connections with everyone in it. Including co-workers and my weekly walking buddy.

Please take a moment to make your list! I encourage you to share your proudest moments of 2020 with the world! The world could use more positivity.

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